A Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, or MS4, refers to a network of pipes, storm drains and channels within a community that collects and conveys stormwater to a local water source. Under the Clean Water Act, the PA Department of Environmental Protection regulates stormwater management in MS4 communities, such as Stroud Township, to minimize these impacts on our watersheds.

Stormwater is water from precipitation events that flow across the ground and pavement when it rains or when snow and ice melt. The water seeps into the ground or drains to our storm sewers through the grates you see at street corners or a low point on the sides of streets. Collectively, the draining water is called runoff. Stormwater runoff can become a problem when it causes flooding and erosion of stream banks or picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants as it flows. As the stormwater flows through the storm sewer system, it eventually drains to a surface water such as a lake, stream, or river. All the pollutants carried along by the stormwater runoff make their way into our natural waters because stormwater does not get treated.

Stroud Township is preventing stormwater pollution by implementing a program intended to address stormwater runoff from construction, illegal dumping to the storm sewer system, and pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices in municipal operations. The program is also intended to educate and involve the local community.

The expected benefits of a successful stormwater management plan in the community includes but are not limited to:

·        Enhanced fishing

·        Enhanced opportunities for outdoor recreation

·        Reduced flood damage

·        Better drinking water

You can contribute by knowing some easy things that you can do everyday to protect our water.

·        Limit your use of fertilizers and pesticides, especially if heavy rains are expected.

·        Clean up after your pet.

·        Properly dispose of any hazardous products and do not pour chemical down storm drains.

·        Keep leaves and grass out of storm drains by properly disposing of yard waste.

·        Don’t litter and practice recycling. You can also participate in community cleanup events.

·        Don’t feed the wildlife in public areas where it may attract more animals and cause pollution from droppings.

For more information about the Stormwater Management Program, contact Stroud Township  at:  stroud17@ptd.net or click on the links below:

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